Benefits Of Using Viewsafe

Safety & Security

• Increased personnel safety as Viewsafe is certified with Internal Arc Classification of 50kA for 1 second at 11kV. Verified by a KEMA Test Station and Lloyd’s Register Type Approval in accordance with IEC 62271-200 Standard

• The secure-access locks situated upon the Viewsafe Base Unit door restrict unauthorised access and allow Viewsafe to be integrated into a permit-to-work system

• The two key locks can be offered in combinations so that each Viewsafe Base Unit requires 2 points of access before access (Offshore essential)

• The CO2 Emergency Slide allows instant CO2 access into an electrical panel, preventing damage to equipment; reducing costs incurred and increasing the safety of the surrounding area

Cost & Time Efficiency

• Integrating the Fluke Infrared Windows with Viewsafe allows regular inspection of live electrical switchgear via Thermal Image Cameras

• Prevention of failure and unplanned downtime by the identifying of hotspots of high resistance and potential faults

• Condition monitoring of equipment by thermal, partial discharge and visual inspection on each piece of electrical equipment has been proven to reduce both short circuit faults and costly asset downtime

•  No requirement for isolation of live equipment for the visual inspection of live switchgear as Viewsafe allows personnel to inspect live assets safely via the Visual Inspection Slide

Performance Accuracy

• The ultrasonic acoustic PD measurements recorded by the Viewsafe PD Slide are known to be up to 10 times more accurate than current PD measurement practices allow.

• With the use of Temperature Measurement strips, personnel can cost effectively monitor live electrical connections and visual inspect their status via Viewsafe.

•  Personnel have the complete set of tools with Viewsafe to regularly complete a holistic condition monitoring procedure of assets and extend and protect asset life spans.

Trending Data & History

• When completing condition monitoring, it is imperative that trending and history of asset performance is known. Viewsafe allows personnel a measurable and verifiable method to project asset lifetime and performance

• Inspecting and recording data via thermal imaging (temperature) and partial discharge (acoustic measurement) on every electrical asset is vital to establishing relationships between events, such as excess load and arc flash occurrence

• With Viewsafe installed on an asset, the timer for data collection and analysis begins and allows personnel with enough historical data to trend analyse and help in anticipating future events.

• Viewsafe is the only system in the world that gives this functionality through one single effective system.