FLIR MSX Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging Comparison

FLIR’s unique MSX technology  provides extraordinary thermal image details in real time. Flirs MSX technology helps to enhance the visible spectrum. It produces thermal l thermal images which help to pinpoint exactly where the problem is. MSX ensures easier target identification without compromising radiometric data. Now there is almost no need  for a separate digital image as you can see the thermal image in great detail as the FLIR’s  MSX feature embosses the digital camera detail onto the thermal video and stills.

Instant results in real-time

With Flirs MSX feature, thermal images look sharper, the orientation of the target will be done quicker, the reports are clutter-free and it ensures a faster route to solutions.

Users can see the results of MSX technology directly on the touchscreen of the camera, in real time.



Visit Ti Cameras to view – Range of FLIR thermal imaging cameras with MSX

The following FLIR thermal imaging cameras incorporate MSX: FLIR T440, FLIR T440bx, FLIR T640 and FLIR T640bx and the New E Series Range