News Flir Systems Launches Groundbreaking New Models!!!

Flir Systems Launches Groundbreaking New Models!!!

1st March 2011

FLIR Systems launches E-Series

After introducing the FLIR i3 last month, FLIR Systems is today again launching a completely new product range of thermal imaging cameras for predictive maintenance inspections: FLIR E-Series.

The FLIR E-Series are small and lightweight thermal imaging cameras designed for those needing higher resolution and more features than can be found in the FLIR i-Series and for whom documentation of findings are important. With an image quality of up to 320 x 240 pixels, the FLIR E-Series is ideal for predictive maintenance and planned inspection of electrical and mechanical systems to ensure they operate at maximum efficiency and safety with minimal energy consumption.

According to your needs, different FLIR E-Series models are available.

Depending on the model, FLIR E-Series thermal imaging cameras come with a large number of features that are extremely useful for electrical and predictive maintenance inspections: Picture-in-Picture, thermal fusion, text and voice annotations, MeterLink, WiFi and much more. It is all available in the new FLIR E-Series.

All FLIR E-Series come standard with software that allows you to create basic inspection reports. For more extensive analysis and reporting FLIR Reporter is available.

Discover the new FLIR E-Series and put the power of thermal imaging at work for you today!