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FLIR T400-Series

Flir T400 Series is perfect for well experienced users of thermal imaging cameras like service providers, maintenance managers in industrial facilities and utilities are demanding more from thermal imaging cameras. They want ergonomic systems that they can use several hours per day, cameras that offer high image quality and that are equipped with all the necessary features that help them to save time when doing their everyday jobs. The T400-Series are truly user-friendly cameras well suited also for the first time user.

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320 x 240 pixel resolution

The T400-Series has a thermal image resolution of 320 x 240 pixels.

Camera sensitivity

The FLIR T400-series has a thermal sensitivity of < 45 mK.

High quality visual camera

Both models in the FLIR T400-Series have an integrated 3.1 Mpixel digital camera.

Measurement range

The T400-series can measure temperatures up to +1200°C.

Interchangeable infrared lenses

The T400-Series features a standard 25° lens and optional 6°, 15°, 45° and 90° lenses.

Flexible interfaces

The T400-Series is equipped with standard video, USB outputs as well as a removable SD card.

MPEG-4 video 

Create visual and infrared non radiometric MPEG-4 video files.

Thermal Fusion

Merges visual and thermal images to offer better analysis.

Temperature sound, image alarms 

Make surveying easier and faster.


Create an infrared overlay on your visual image. Scalable, moveable and resizable.

Text and voice annotations

Text comments can be made from a pre-defined list or using the touch screen. A headset can be connected to make voice annotations.

Sketch annotations

Use the touch screen as pen and paper to add sketch annotations.

Image sketch

Indicate problem areas directly on the thermal image.

Radiometric IR video streaming 

16 bit radiometric IR video can be streamed to a PC (via USB) running the FLIR R&D software.

Image storage

FLIR uses a non proprietary radiometric JPEG image format that allows for post processing and report writing with Microsoft Word® based FLIR software.

Touch screen

3.5″ LCD touch screen brings interactivity and user comfort to a new level.

Measurement Modes

Measurement spots, area with auto hot/cold spot indication, isotherms, ΔT calculation.

Copy to USB

Transfer on board images or reports directly from the thermal imaging camera to a USB stick.

Instant reports

Create instant reports directly in camera, easily copy report to USB.

Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX)*

The innovative MSX feature produces an image more rich in every detail than ever before.


Connect to smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi, using the FLIR Tools mobile app (Apple iOS and Android) for processing and sharing results as well as for remote control.

* Features dependant on camera model, please check technical specifications for more details.


FLIR T400-Series camera model comparison


Temperature range: -20°C to +650ºC Temperature range: -20°C to +1,200ºC
4x continuous digital zoom 8x continuous digital zoom
Image sketch on IR and visual
Live line profile
Measurement presets