ITC Level 1 Thermography Course

  • Level 1 Qualification

    Is a 5-day training course (approved by the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing) teaches beginners with little experience to become skilled and certified thermographers.

  • Qualified instructors

    The course is taught by a Level 3 certified instructor and is organised in conjunction with the Infrared Training Center, which is widely considered to be the largest and most respected thermography training organisation in the world.

  • Basic and advanced infrared theory

    The class will learn all about the concepts and theory behind heat transfer and thermal imaging, as well as how to recognise and interpret thermal patterns.

  • Camera operation

    Learn about different measurement techniques, as well as variables and conditions that can affect accurate temperature measurements (e.g. distance, emissivity and reflectivity).

  • Practical hands-on experience

    Gain valuable experience throughout the course using an infrared camera on lab equipment, and learn how and when to use qualitative and quantitative techniques.

  • Inspection methods and reporting principles

    Learn to carry out and report the results of thermographic inspections using written guidelines, and prepare and present a short case study to demonstrate this knowledge.

  • Exam and certification An exam consisting of multiple-choice questions and thermogram analysis is held on the last day, and those who pass are awarded a recognised Level 1 qualification.


2014 Course Dates
Cardiff: September 8 – 12 Ireland: September 15 – 19
Aberdeen: October 6 – 10 Manchester: October 20 – 24
Nottingham: November 10 – 14 Kent: December 8 – 12