Oil & Gas Thermographic Inspections


Certain vessels suffer from a buildup of sand deposits inside and it is sometimes difficult to know when to open the vessel and remove the deposits. Thermal imaging provides a quick and easy method of clearly identifying these levels.

The survey that we provide is unique in that we offer three very important details through our software TICOR and WEBCOR:

  • We have the ability to measure where the sand level is on the separator directly from the thermogram. This is done through calculating the distance of the lens to the separator and then pixel counting between two measurement spots. We provide three measurement areas per thermogram.
  • Our bespoke software (TICOR) allows us to trend the levels between periodic inspections so that differences can be seen and monitored which allows for planning of sand washing events.
  • We supply a detailed report but crucially we also supply a snapshot summary whereby the levels are interpreted onto a General Arrangements drawing allowing the responsible person a quick view of the vessels levels.