OnSite Thermal Imaging Report Generation – With Ticor!

Instant OnSite Thermal Imaging Report Generation   For Problem Diagnosis & Fault Finding!

The  main benefits:

Condition Based Monitoring Program

Turn your initial fault diagnosis inspection into a fully populated condition monitoring programme by scheduling regular interval periodic inspections and comparing data between inspections. Let WEBCOR mine the data to bring the biggest movers to the top of the list and view all periodic data in a single page.


Inventory Management

Inventorise your site by recording asset description and tag numbers. Use WEBCOR to search for any items and archive digital and thermal images along with other PM data sets for each asset.


Risk Management

Reduce equipment failures with regular inspections reducing the risk of fire from electrical issues. A properly structured inspection campaign can effectively bring this risk to a minimal level.


Facilities management

Enhance your clients knowledge of their infrastructure by bringing structure to inspections and pass on periodic trending data and fault diagnosis quicker and more efficiently then anyone else in the market. Value added service is essential in a competitive market place.


Increase reliability

Unplanned downtime through equipment failure can be effectively eradicated by utilising a structure inspection campaign matched to the site requirements.


Increase sustainability

Keep your equipment running and producing as it should with loss of revenue through surprise and unnecessary  failures.


On-Site Thermal Imaging Report Generation – With Ticor!

On-Site Thermal Imaging Report Generation – With Ticor!

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