Optical Gas Imaging Inspections

Thermal Imaging for Natural Gas Detection

The oil and gas industry depend on thermography to avoid costly and dangerous emissions. Infrared cameras help pinpoint gas leaks and is widely used in predictive maintenance programs around the world because it is a non invasive and non destructive way of testing.

Types Of Applications

Detect Leak Location

Our Optical Gas Imaging Inspections are used to detect gas leaks in the following applications:

• Flanges

• Valve stems

• Plugs and Caps

• Machinery

• Couplings

• Pump seals

• Holes

• Passing valves

• Drain covers

• Instrument Connections


Our thermal imaging services have been a proven method to increase asset safety and save offshore companies thousands of pounds a year in rig and installation downtime by the early detection and prevention of electrical and mechanical incidents.

Thermal imaging petrochemical testing  help to  avoid costly and dangerous emissions. That’s why infrared thermography is important to predictive maintenance programs around the world.