Pipe Integrity

Pipe Integrity

Using basic thermographic principles it is possible for us to show areas of scale build – up, decreasing pipe wall thicknesses and weld discrepancies.

Pipe Integrity oil and gas



Benefits Of Thermal Imaging For Pipe Work In the Oil & Gas Industry 

  • Weld Integrity and qualitative assessment
  • Detect metal fatigue and pipe wall thickness
  • Identify scale buildup
  • Corrosion detection
  • Protecting Oil and Gas  Infrastructure
  • Understanding why pipes fail and blockages
  • Data visualization


Thermographic Inspection Specification

  •  IR camera: Flir ThermaCAM P6402.
  • Software: Reporter 8.0
  • Thermographer: ITC Level II
  • Extech Instruments for humidity/wind speed etc
  • Leico laser distance measurements

Inspection Methods

  • Initial visual inspection of the site  order to familiarize with any irregularities or access problems.
  • Images will then be captured comprehensively recording all data which may benefit from temperature analysis.