Preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance & Condition monitoring

 As we all know Predictive Maintenance (PdM) & Condition Monitoring (CM) solutions, such as Thermal Imaging and Oil Analysis, are shown to yield huge cost savings over preventative maintenance techniques and also far larger savings are to be gained over traditional reactive maintenance work.


Time management advantages over PPM’s are to be achieved with predictive maintenance due to the targeting of resources. The obvious time saving aspect is being able to plan a convenient time for the reactive repairs, rather than wait for failures and incur valuable equipment / process downtime.


There is also an environmental consideration to be accomplished; reduced use of spares / fluids as changing by condition not interval and less waste of energy by more efficient running.


Most complex modern machines can benefit from a balanced ‘holistic’ approach to maintenance utilising a number of modern predictive maintenance techniques. These techniques can be used to pin point items of potential failure and as well as providing an effective route for improvement activities, for both OEM and end user.


These techniques really come into there own if utilised over the course of a number of traditional PPM intervals; where analysis of results can start to be used to spot patterns emerging and trending of results can be used to, potentially, streamline the remedial maintenance activities and further cut equipment downtime due to fewer failures.


Risk management revolves around three major tenets: reduction, acceptance, and avoidance. Uppermost we want to reduce the risk, next we must accept that there will be some risk and lastly we want to be able to avoid that risk that we cannot remove. The way we are able mitigate risk, without the aid of a crystal ball, we survey, report, re-survey and set up trending which enables us to start reducing the risk(s) that we have identified.


There are a myriad of different PdM & CM disciplines that are available and not all will be suitable for all equipment or scenario; used effectively they can seriously reduce downtime and equipment damage, reduce energy used, reduce consumable costs etc.


See below for some examples we currently offer:


  • Infra-Red Thermal Imaging
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Ultra-sonic leak detection
  • HD Boroscopic surveys
  • Oil analysis
  • Optical Gas Imaging


See below for techniques in our development programme


  • Ultra-Violet Corona Discharge monitoring
  • Ultra-Sonic Partial Discharge monitoring
  • Electro-static fluid conditioning


TI Thermal Imaging Ltd. has been operating as the UK’s premier independent thermal imaging consultancy for the past decade and we have worked, worldwide, with many blue chip organizations’ such as BP, Bureau VERITAS, Lloyds Register, Scottish Power, Sakhalin Energy Investment Company to name a few.


Along with camera / equipment sales & In-house PPM software TICOR/WEBCOR(link), we also offer consultancy, training and more.