Thermal Imaging Software Android




Key Features

  • Ability to report during inspection / survey
  • Generate a one click report
  • Built on knowledge based libraries
  • Build for android
  • Load correction formulas for electrical inspections
  • Thermal indexing formulas for building inspections
  • Pixel counting for spot measurement
  • Preload inventory
  • Check images in one click




    Key Benefits                                 

  1. Review report on Thermal imaging software for androidsurvey completion quickly with minimal fuss
  2. Reduced reporting time on survey completion
  3. All reports created using common sentences
  4. Latest technology software and tablets
  5. Campaign management
  6. Auto fault find based on mathematical formula
  7. Measure distance between spots directly from image
  8. Easier inspection routes
  9. Quickly ensure correct image path names






 Say GOODBYE To Hours Of Reporting

                                                          And HELLO To Thermal Imaging Reports In One Click