Why Use Thermal Imaging

Why Use Thermal Imaging ?


Thermal imaging cameras are able to produce a crisp image in the darkest of nights. Thanks to special calibration, some thermal imaging cameras are also able to measure temperatures in a non-contact mode.

All this makes them extremely suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Thermal imaging cameras can help you save money. And even more importantly, thermal imaging cameras can help to save lives.



In industrial environments thermal imaging is being used for finding hot-spots that can lead to failures in electrical and mechanical installations.  Electrical cabinets and motor control centers are regularly scanned with a thermal imaging camera. By detecting anomalies at an early stage production breakdowns can be avoided and money can be saved.

BUTTON - Building Diagnostics


Building professionals look for insulation losses and other building related defects with a thermal imaging camera. Finding insulation losses and repairing them can mean huge energy savings.

BUTTON - Border Security

Border security

Border security specialists protect their country’s border against smugglers and other intruders. With a thermal imaging camera they are able to see a man at a distance of 20 kilometers away in total darkness.

BUTTON - Security

Commercial security

Our security customers benefit from thermal imaging cameras because they help them to secure facilities like ports, airports, nuclear facilities, warehouses, estates and many more against intruders.

BUTTON- ScienceR&D


Thermal imaging also plays a pivotal role in both applied and fundamental R&D. It can speed up the design cycle so that products can go to market faster. For these demanding applications FLIR Systems markets extremely high performance thermal imaging cameras.

BUTTON- Maritime


On both yachts and commercial vessels, FLIR thermal imaging cameras are being used for night time navigation, shipboard security, man-overboard situations and anti-piracy.

BUTTONS -  Law Enforcements

Law enforcement

Police officers use the power of thermal imaging to see without being seen. They can easily find suspects in total darkness without giving away their position.

BUTTONS - Optical Gas Imaging

Gas detection

Gas leaks can also be detected seamlessly with a thermal imaging camera.

BUTTONS - Extech Test & Measurements


Under the Extech brand, we are marketing a full line of test and measurement equipment.