Introducing the CAT S61 Thermal imaging smartphone that can be used for temperature screening of staff and customers in your work place.

Thermal imaging screening can help by providing a first line of defence against individuals with communicable illnesses remaining unchecked, in close proximity to other people, by identifying those exhibiting an above average temperature. Any scenario in which controlled access is given to groups or streams of people – whether they are employees, authorised persons, or members of the public – can benefit from preventative temperature screening at entrances and exits.

The CAT S61 utilises a FLIR Lepton detector to capture facial temperatures. It is designed as a small, efficient, fast use tool which can be deployed quickly and easily with a view to enhancing staff and customer public safety. By deploying available tools such as the S61, your business can assist with safeguarding and reducing the transmission of COVID-19 helping to protect both staff andcustomers like.


  • Companies can deploy thermal cameras in office buildings or on work sites to monitor workers as they enter, aiming to spot anyone showing signs of a fever. Places of business that customers visit such as shops, shopping centres and supermarkets, banks, hotels, libraries, gyms, and leisure centres, would similarly benefit from screening those entering the buildings.
  • Schools, universities, and other educational institutions should use cameras to check students and staff for elevated temperatures as they enter campus buildings.
  • Deployed in transport hubs like bus and train stations or airports, or on buses or trains themselves, thermal cameras would help in spotting people that might pose a risk to the health of others.
  • Facilities such as prisons, as well as hospitals, care homes, and doctors’ surgeries, should use the technology as an easy and non-invasive means of quickly spotting someone with a suspected fever.
  • Police officers issued with thermal imaging devices would be able to check groups of people quickly and easily to spot anyone with an anomalously high temperature.