Flat Roof Thermal Imaging

The dynamics behind thermal imaging of flat roofs are essentially the same. Temperature differential allows us to show where flat roofs are leaking or have failing insulation present.

Damp and dry roof insulation have a different thermal mass so by exploiting one of two windows of opportunity to image the roof found at either end of the day, it is possible to locate these areas. As dry roof insulation heats up and cools quicker than damp roof insulation, a temperature anomaly will form in the effected area and it is this area that is most likely to have the problem.

 What will I receive?

  • High specification 640×480 cameras with wide angle lens
  • Bespoke reporting software for instant report generation and online Webmanager data access to multiple users with specific access privileges (All assets will only view their own data, administrators will view all sites)
  • Same Day’ delivered reports
  • Dedicated scheduling and expert campaign management ensuring all data is returned correctly and quickly
  • Recommendations for any further investigation required along with explanation