FLIR Systems launches FLIR T640bx / FLIR T620bx

FLIR Systems launches FLIR T640bx / FLIR T620bx

1st April 2011

Thermal imaging cameras for building inspections

Thermal imaging cameras have evolved into widespread instruments for building inspections. Insulation efficiency, roofing and pipe-work, in large facilities, factories and houses, they can all be inspected with a thermal imaging camera.

Thanks to price reductions, there are today many users that had never heard of thermal imaging cameras a few years ago. In the meantime they have discovered the power of thermal imaging and are enthusiastically promoting the technology.

But also well experienced users of thermal imaging cameras like service providers, maintenance managers in industrial facilities and utilities are demanding more from thermal imaging cameras. They want ergonomic systems that they can use several hours per day, cameras that offer the highest possible image quality and that are equipped with all the necessary features that help them to save time when doing their everyday jobs. For the most demanding thermal imaging camera users, FLIR Systems is launching today the FLIR T640bx / FLIR T620bx.

Excellent image quality

“The FLIR T640bx / FLIR T620bx are meeting the requests of our most demanding customers. When developing the FLIR T640bx / FLIR T620bx we have asked input from many professional thermal imaging camera users. The FLIR T640bx / T620bx incorporate practically everything they asked for.”, explains Guy Pas, Vice-President Sales EMEA at FLIR Systems. “Therefore the FLIR T640bx / FLIR T620bx will soon become the thermal imaging camera for building applications against which all others will be compared.”

Both the FLIR T640bx / FLIR T620bx are equipped with a state-of-the-art uncooled microbolometer detector that produces crisp thermal images of 640 x 480 pixels on which the smallest of details can be seen. This results in reliable inspections with greater accuracy.

The new FLIR T640bx / FLIR T620bx also incorporate a 5 megapixel visual camera. It generates crisp visual images that can be used as a reference against the thermal image in all conditions. A flashlight allow for taking visual images also in extremely dark environments.

Accurate temperature readings

The FLIR T640bx / FLIR T620bx make temperature differences as small as 0.04°C visible. The FLIR T640bx can measure temperatures up to +2,000°C. Analysis tools include spotmeters, automatic hot/cold detection markers and isotherm (above/below/interval).

Ergonomic and easy-to-use

A turnable control grip allows you to use the camera in the most comfortable position. The buttons and joystick to control the camera are integrated in this handle and always stay right underneath your fingertips. LCD touch screen plus stylus brings interactivity and user comfort to a new level.

The high quality LCD screen allows you to see the smallest details and temperature differences.


Although both thermal imaging cameras are equipped with a super bright LCD display that produces sharp thermal images also in outside environments, the FLIR T640bx is also equipped with a viewfinder. Ideal when the camera is used in direct sunlight and small details need to be seen.


FLIR MeterLink technology simplifies the work in building inspections by making it possible to transfer, via Bluetooth®, the data acquired by an Extech clampmeter into the thermal imaging camera. The MeterLink technology saves time and eliminates the risk of erroneous records or notes.

Full featured camera

All FLIR T6nnbx-Series thermal imaging cameras come with a large number of features that are extremely useful for electrical and maintenance inspections.

– Picture-in-Picture: a function for overlying the thermal image on the visual image

– Thermal Fusion: merges visual and thermal images for better analysis

– Text and voice annotations

– Sound and color alarms

– Sketch annotations: the touch screen to add sketch annotations.

– MeterLink: allows to transfer the data acquired by an Extech clampmeter wirelessly to the FLIR T640bx / FLIR T620bx

– Instant reports: allows for creating reports directly inside the camera and copy them to a USB stick

– WiFi interface: allows to wirelessly send images to a PC, tablet PC or Smartphone

Reporting software included

Both the FLIR T640bx and the FLIR T620bx come standard with the reporting software. For more extensive reporting needs, both thermal imaging cameras are also compatible with FLIR Reporter. This powerful software allows for creating compelling and professional reports.