Flir Thermal Cameras For Electrical Mechanical Applications

Thermal imaging is a key element being rolled out in electrical predictive maintenance programs because it identifies potential faults and allows for swift inspections and one image can show you various detail unlike using a spot pyrometer where you would have to test individual fuses.

At Ti Thermal Imaging we have advanced thermal imaging software where we can analyse your assets and provide you with unique easily understandable thermal imaging reports. Thant you can then roll out within your predictive maintenance programs.Distrabution Board

If you need help analysing the data provided in the report you will have your own dedicated thermographer at hand to explain everything.

Electrical Maintenance thermography can be used on different types of equipment including:

  • Busbar systems
  • Distribution boards and fuse boards
  • High voltage systems
  • Transformers
  • Control panels
  • Batteries
  • UPS systems
  • Switchgears and switchboards


Electrical / Mechanical

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