Identify Hot Spots With Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is used to identify hot spots often used in predictive maintenance programs. Thermal Imaging enables engineers to inspect vital equipment such as electrical switchgear, power distribution units (PDU), cooling and mechanical systems quickly and easily.

Thermal imaging and infrared thermography helps engineers to visualize and measure infrared radiation produced from objects. Infrared energy makes up one part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The naked eye cannot see infrared energy because it is emitted from objects as heat, not as light so thermal imaging cameras have been designed to provide both a thermographic image (infrared) and a visual image (Digital image). Ti Thermal Imaging Ltd have designed a thermal imaging reporting software that takes the data collected within the infrared images and analyses the temperatures to produce fault and problem pages and it  is the first thermal imaging reporting software that produces thermal imaging reports onsite so critical problems and be discussed with onsite engineers which reduces risk and reporting time.

The benefit of using Thermal Imaging is that it is a  proactive, non contact and non-invasive testing method. It’s a safe measure the temperature of live electrical equipment running at full load. Used for trending or comparative measuring of similar objects, the temperature differences can indicate potential problems. Thermal imaging can reduce unplanned downtimes and cost, while increasing equipment lifetime and plant availability.


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