Industrial Thermal Imaging Services

Thermal Imaging inspections are widely used for industrial applications because it is a powerful method of testing electrical and mechanical installations of components that the naked eye could not spot. Thermal Imagine is a non invasive way to diagnose the components of electrical and mechanical installations before problems get to serious and unplanned downtime occurs.

Our thermographic inspections provides temperature data that is analysed so that the information can be Categorised into critical, serious, important and minor problems so remedial action can be clearly identified.  The fault pages and trending information within reports helps your engineers to identify and fix issues.

Electrical systems

Our Thermal imaging inspections are commonly used for electrical systems and components in all sizes and shapes.

Some common examples of failures in high-voltage installations that can be detected with thermal imaging:

  • Oxidation of high voltage switches
  • Overheated connections
  • Incorrectly secured connections
  • Insulator defects

Mechanical Installations

In many industries, mechanical systems serve as the backbone of operations.Thermal data collected with a thermal imaging camera can be an invaluable source of complimentary information to vibration studies in mechanical equipment monitoring. Mechanical systems will heat up if there is a misalignment at some point in the system.

Types of faults Our Thermal Imaging inspections can detect:

• Lubrication issues

• Misalignments

• Overheated motors

• Suspect rollers

• Overloaded pumps

• Overheated motor axles

• Hot bearings


Thermal imaging inspections can also give invaluable information about the condition of pipe, tube and valve insulation.Inspecting the condition of the insulation material surrounding the pipework can be crucial. Heat losses due to failing insulation will show up very clearly in the thermal image allowing you to quickly repair the lacking insulation and prevent significant energy losses or other damages

Types of faults Our Thermal Imaging inspections can detect:

• Leakage in pumps, pipes and valves

• Insulation breakdowns

• Pipe blockage