FLIR Merger To Produce New And Better Cameras

FLIR Merger To Produce New And Better Cameras

1st March 2010

FLIR, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of infrared cameras, is merging its thermal imaging cameras (Commercial Vision Systems) and night vision equipment (Thermography) divisions into one big division, FLIR Commercial Systems.

General Manager, FLIR Commercial Systems Australia, Roger Christiansz, said: “The merger is a natural fit. Both businesses have been focused on the enormous potential for commercially oriented thermal imaging systems.”

FLIR creates thermal imaging and infrared night vision equipment for a number of commercial, industrial and government applications. The company said the merger will bring together a wider variety of thermography and imaging applications, including: research and development; airborne observation and broadcast; search and rescue; drug interdiction; surveillance and reconnaissance; navigation safety; maritime patrol; and ground-based security.

The company has been supplying thermography and night vision equipment to science, industry, law enforcement and the military for over 50 years.

Mr Christiansz said, “Both divisions have been focused on developing high volume markets for our cooled and uncooled technology. And both divisions have been driven by developing highly innovative products. Now we will combine the ‘best of the best ‘ to continue to provide FLIR products and services which will grow and lead the market.

“From a very solid foundation we will take FLIR Commercial Systems to a new level of market penetration, product innovation and customer satisfaction,” he said.