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BP, Central Processing Facility, In Amenas Algeria, 19th August 2009

To whom it may concern, Ti Thermal Imaging are contracted to In Amenas Gas Processing Facility and have been since April 2007 to carry out thermographic imaging and monitoring of various equipment located within the Central Processing Facility. The service carried out is to the highest specification and is carried out in a very professional manner. The reports are very detailed and offer better quality than I had previously seen. The trending between inspections is particularly useful as it gives a detailed visual confirmation of changes. In addition the measurement feature offers a very good indication of sediment levels in this case. I will continue to contract the company for our periodic inspections and would have no hesitation in recommending them to other sites within the BP organisation. Angus Mclean Integrity Technical Authority BP, Central Processing Facility, In Amenas

Angus Mclean, Integrity Technical Authority

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 Emcor, 11th December 2009

We sub-contracted Ti Thermal Imaging to carry out a thermographic inspection of the distribution switchgear located at Cardiff Airport. Ti were extremely professional, knowledgeable and their report and delivery was second to none. The report was considered exceptional and above the standards we were expecting. In addition, the online report hosting is very useful making access to this data easy and efficient. We received initial copies of the report on a daily basis in order to keep up to date with progress so communication was very good. Ti found a specific fault that, if it had been left, it would have caused an unplanned shutdown of the airport. This was corrected in a planned fashion and the airport continued to run. Ti documented the repair and re-inspected two days later including the results in the reports. I have now added Ti onto our system and I shall recommend them as a company onwards. Eddie Dyer Operations Manager, Cardiff Airport EMCOR

Eddie Dyer, Operations Manager