FLIR A400-EST w/24° Lens, 320×240 Resolution/30Hz, 15°C to 45°C Lens also available 42°

The FLIR A400-EST is a non-contact screening tool that can serve as a first line of defense against potential health risks. This FLIR EST™ thermal screening solution detects and visualizes heat to quickly identify individuals with an elevated skin temperature. With a 320 × 240 pixel thermal detector and on-camera FLIR Screen-EST™ Mode, the A400-EST can be deployed as a single, standalone screening station or in a network. Compatibility with industry standards such as Modbus TCP, MQTT, RESTful API for data transfer and RTSP for video makes third-party integration easy.
  • RAPID SCREENING CAPABILITYScreens individuals in just seconds or, when used with multiple cameras in high traffic spaces, spots anomalies in skin temperatures to quickly identify individuals who may need a medical temperature check

  • INTUITIVE USER INTERFACEThe screening function is quickly executed by large, colored indicators on-screen. Privacy is ensured through an avatar display

  • DEPLOYED IN MINUTESSimple set up: uses only two cables and PoE to operate the camera and touchscreen display. Once system is fully powered on initial set up, calibration takes approx.10 minutes to complete before ready for use

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Technical Specifications:

Imaging and optical data
Infrared resolution 320 × 240 pixels
Thermal sensitivity (NETD) <40 mK, 24° @ +30°C (+86°F)
Field of view (FOV) 24° × 18°
Minimum focus distance 0.15 m (0.49 ft)
Focal length 17 mm (0.67 in)
Spatial resolution (IFOV) 0.90 mrad/pixel
Lens identification Automatic
f-number 1.3
Image frequency 30 Hz
Focus One-shot contrast
Detector data
Focal plane array/spectral range Uncooled microbolometer/7.5–14 µm
Detector pitch 12 µm
Camera temperature range 15 to 45°C (59 to 113°F)Accuracy ±0.3°C (±0.5°F) when used in Screening modeThe camera will provide contrast from -20 to 120 °C (–4 to 248°F), but no temperature information will be provided
Screening mode
Sampling average mode Recommended temperature range: 30 to 45°C (86 to 113°F) in stable room temperatureAccuracy (drift): ±0.3°C (±0.5°F)1
Measurement analysis
Automatic hot/cold detection Max./min. temperature value and position shown within Box
Schedule response sftp (image), SMTP (image and/or measurement data/result)
Measurement presets Yes
Atmospheric transmission correction Based on inputs of distance, atmospheric temperature, and relative humidity
Lens transmission correction Automatic, based on signals from internal sensors
Emissivity correction Variable from 0.01 to 1.0
Reflected apparent temperature correction Based on input of reflected temperature
External optics/windows correction Based on input of optics/window transmission and temperature
Measurement corrections Global object parameters
Local parameters per analyze function
External Black-body correction
Measurement frequency Up to 10 Hz
Measurement result read-out Ethernet/IP (pull)
Modbus TCP master (push)
Modbus TCP slave (pull)
MQTT (push)
Query over REST API (pull)Measurements and still image (radiometric JPEG, visual 640 × 480, visual 1280 × 960), read access only.
Web interface
Alarm functions On any selected measurement function
Digital in
Internal camera temperature
Alarm output Digital out
E-mail (SMTP) (push)
EtherNet/IP (pull)
File transfer (FTP) (push)
Modbus TCP master write (push)
Modbus TCP slave (pull)
MQTT (push)
Query over RESTful API (pull)
Store image or video