Sand Level Tank Inspection

Certain vessels suffer from a build up of sand deposits inside and it is sometimes difficult to know when to open the vessel and remove the deposits. Thermal Sand level inspectionimaging provides a quick and easy method of clearly identifying these levels.

The survey that we provide is unique in that we offer three very important details:

  • We have the ability to measure where the sand level is on the separator.
  • We offer trending between periodic inspections so that the differences between inspections can be easily tracked. Each report will contain upto 4 of the latest thermographic images taken for that area of the separator.
  • We offer summary reports with our interpretations of sand level onto separator specific drawings so that the process engineers have a clear and quick understanding of the problem.


Benefits Of Sand Level Inspections


  • Large format 640×480 resolution cameras
  • Utilising 45 degree lens in order to view significant sections of the separator in one image
  • Advanced level II thermographers with 1000s of scan hours of separators around the world
  • Laser distance measurements taken between the lens and the side of the separator
  • Bespoke reporting and inspection procedures to build and maintain trending of sand/sludge levels between inspections
  • Direct measurements captures from the thermogram using formula to enable pixel counting technology
  • Levels interpreted onto specific GA drawings and built into a snapshot summary of levels and changes between inspections for faster delivery of results
  • Same day report turnaround
  • Online ‘WEBCOR’ hosting for results sharing quickly and easily with multi user logins


Click Here to see a  Sample Separator Trend Inspection_090313