Software And Mobile Apps Thermal Imaging

Ticor software has been developed to optimise current predictive maintenance and condition monitoring programs to generate on site Thermal Imaging reports that can be used to  identify risk and hotspots within electrical and mechanical components. Ticor is simple to use and can be easily implemented into any maintenance program, it gives you the functionality to record sites inventory structure, capture temperature data using infrared technology and the capability to generate a complete onsite report within seconds that highlights critical issues.

Data collected on TICOR during the inspection will sync via a single upload clickable button with WEBCOR, a powerful online campaign manager which allows for inspection handling, problem management and mineable trending data captured during periodic inspections. TICOR APP is a handy fault finding application designed for smartphones which is available on the App store as freeware. It quickly notifies engineers of completed inspections and faults found. It will give critical information of inventory components that are under pressure. Data can be used to successfully implement a maintenance plan to reduce unplanned shut downs so that action can be taken decisively.

TICOR Software And Mobile Apps Thermal Imaging Key Benefits

  • Minimize equipment and repair costs.
  • Reduce equipment downtime.
  • Maximize equipment reliability.
  • Increase equipment efficiency,
  • Prolong equipment life cycles.
  • Boost capacity utilization.
  • Increase labour productivity.


Software And Mobile Apps Thermal Imaging – WEBCOR Campaign Manager

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