Sub-Contracting Thermal Imaging vs In-House

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We want our customers to be happy and we always want to provide the best solution for your individual requirements. We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and expertise.

We provide thermographic consultancy services ,  Reporting software, Thermal Camera hire, Thermal camera sales &  Technical testing equipment. If you have any questions just call a member of the Ti Team because we are always happy to help!

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Inhouse Thermographics


  • Flexibility – Local cameras and operators can be used at short notice
  • Visas – National workers will not suffer a restriction on visas


  • High roll-out cost in terms provision of cameras and trained operators for each vessel
  • Training will vary with regions
  • Reporting templates and layouts will vary with regions
  • Potential loss of trained personnel meaning new replacement personnel will have to be trained.
  • Potential time delays in implementing the above
  • Camera hardware and reporting software is not the highest quality
  • Without strict campaign management thermographic procedures and reporting will vary between vessels/assets
  • Unlikely to have full inventory list trending and image record for all equipment
  • Loss of historical reports and data
  • Loss of equipment, equipment peripherals and software
  • Computer software install
  • Rarely used equipment and software will result in low grade thermography and reporting standards


Sub-Contracting Thermographic Campaign to Ti Thermal Imaging LTD


  • ITC professionally trained thermographers with electrical qualifications
  • High specification 640×480 cameras with wide angle lens
  • Bespoke reporting software for instant report generation and online Webmanager data access to multiple users with specific access privileges (All assets will only view their own data, administrators will view all assets)
  • Webmanager is online so no software install
  • Consistent timely ‘Same Day’ delivered reports
  • Consistent reporting structure from single Report template set and knowledge Base Libraries (All reports look and are written with the same terminology no matter which thermographer is writing them
  • Dedicated scheduling and expert campaign management ensuring all data is returned correctly and quickly
  • Fast response time
  • Full individual equipment trend programme for 100% of equipment
  • Thermographic and digital images captured and displayed on Webmanager for all equipment. IR images updated every inspection for the trend programme. This allows for campaign audit to ensure all equipment is inspected
  • Expertise in Separator inspections with bespoke trending templates to measure and quantify in cm and % of sand level in separators and other process and mechanical applications
  • Potential of transfer of Ti Intellectual Property and procedural knowledge to satisfy nationalisation contractual commitments (See Technical Proposal)
  • Potential to set-up a 2 man dedicated thermographic  team of SBM personnel with 2x cameras and 2xsoftware. Managed by Ti for ultimate results
  • Cheaper to roll out and manage than implementation and maintenance of 18+ cameras and training of 18+thermographers


  • Flexibility – Visits are periodical unless requested otherwise
  • Visas – Restrictions on visas may apply