Thermal Imaging Used At Imperial College

Thermal Imaging for Research And Development

Thermal imaging is widely used within research and development, the equipment has become a reliable way of testing and capturing distribution and variations in real time, allowing engineers to visualize and accurately measure heat patterns, dissipation, leakage, and other temperature factors in equipment, products and processes.

Thermal Imaging used At Imperial College London

Imperial collage the department of chemical engineering  conducted innovate heat transfer experiments on thin films flows using Flir X6540sc

The study analyses the heat transfer within film flows which is essential to enable an accurate prediction of complex hydrody.Thermal Imaging Used At Imperial College

Study’s carried out by the Clean Energy Processes group part of the Chemical Engineering Department of  Imperial College London was intended for the development and employment of new imaging techniques for conducting measurements of thickness, velocity, temperature and heat fluctuations within thin-film flows.fundamental for the design of many engineering systems.

The advantages of infrared thermography for R&D applications

• Gives a full, real-time thermal pattern of the situation

• Is contactless, non-destructive and non-intrusive

• Identifies and locates thermal anomalies

• Stores thermal information

• Allows for detailed analysis

• Addresses numerous applications

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