Thermal Surveys of Housing Stock

thermal surveys of housing stock


Customer Testimonial From Housing Plus 

Project : Thermal Surveys of Housing Stock – December 2013- February  2014.

“We own approximately 6000 properties and  have a lot of historical data on stock condition, but there are gaps,  in particular with regards to cavity wall insulation. For this and other reasons we decided to carry out a basic thermal survey of our properties.

Several companies were  approached and costs obtained – TI not only gave the best impression but also provided the most competitive estimate. Since appointing them, we haven’t had any regrets, of course there have been issues but none that couldn’t be overcome.

The surveys were delivered on time, at exactly the agreed cost, and to the standard required.

The final data  provided, is web based, very easy to access and use.  With a little guidance fro Ti,  it is also fairly easy to understand .

It has enabled us to prove, which properties have insulation, where we have issues and has given us the ability to  target future investment.

Perhaps the best compliment we can pay TI , is, we have subsequently used them again to survey our Headquarters and considering using them as quality control tool on new build schemes”.

Steve. S.

Housing Plus Special Projects Manager

What our TI engineer had to say ;

“It was a pleasure working with housing plus they are very professional and truly care about their tenants, looking forward to our next project!”

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