Third Party Survey

Thermal Imaging third party surveys with quality control so you know the job Is being executed properly!

What we do?

We identify heat differential temperatures and anomalies within electrical and mechanical equipment or buildings to diagnose problem areas for remedial action. We work to build value and solutions that work together with company strategies to provide necessary frameworks such as training, software, camera sales and consultancy in order to implement a successful thermal imaging campaign that works!

What you will receive?

All of our engineers hold Level 2 thermography certifications. After carrying out your thermal imaging inspection reports are generated onsite and our engineers will talk through any faults and problems that they find. Once your report is generated it is then synced to WEBCOR our online maintenance manager where you and your team can access inspection data from anywhere in the world so you can monitor assets and schedule required maintenance. All Third party reports go through a quality control process and will be signed off by another Ti Engineer so that you can be confident with the results we deliver.

How we do it?

Designed and developed integrated solutions TICOR and WEBCOR software that generates thermal imaging reports, trends periodic inspections and campaign manages your sites, clients, reports, inventory and problem data.
Third party survey