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Thermal Imaging Ltd Unique Webmanager Service

Thermal Imaging of Switchgear:- Ti’s Unique Webmanager Service, The biggest step forward within thermal imaging predictive maintenance today.

The benefits of thermal imaging applied to electrical switchgear are widely reported across a range of websites and publications around the world but to truly utilise this method of NDT inspection to its full potential, a data management system is needed to harness the images and reports together.


This is where we are proud to introduce our Webmanager and tablet PC software which we utilise in house to execute and report on our surveys. This system is web based so there is no software install, only a unique username and password is required to access the Web pages. We can issue multiple logins with different access levels depending on which sites the user needs to see.

How it works:

  1. Our thermographers travel to site and carry out one of our high specification surveys. The information is either pre-loaded or input onto a tablet PC which is used for recording temperature data, image numbers, equipment locations and details, load readings, anomalies, suspected root causes and recommendations. In addition, he will record an IR and DC image of every panel inspected which opens a trending programme on the equipment. It also satisfies insurers that the job has been completed appropriately.
  2. On completion of the survey, our thermographer will issue an Engineers report to the maintenance supervisor and make them aware of problems, specifically critical issues that require immediate notification. A full Administrators report will be available the following day on Webmanager.
  3.  When an internet connection is available, our thermographer will send the data back to our server.
  4. This populates your personal webmanager with the following:
    1. Overview page:-Summarises problems found on site in order of severity. This overview page can be sorted per site or per organisation which may have multiple sites.
    2. Inspection: – Shows the status of the inspection and provides access to all reports, the Engineers Report and full Administrators report along with individual pdf pages which populate Webmanager.
    3. Inventory: – Provides details of all equipment listed and its test status.
    4. Problems: – This shows all problems found on site and can be sorted by various different orders such as severity.
    5. Cost Benefit: – This area provides estimated details of client savings by finding the problems before they have had the chance to fail
    6. Baselines: – All images captured of panels inspected are held here providing a comprehensive archive of all equipment. These baselines are added to each periodic inspection and give the unique ability to trend between the inspections.

This system is the biggest step forward in the thermal imaging predictive maintenance market today and gives the unique ability for the client to keep a handle on their thermographic inspections for a single or multiple sites.

This truly is the only way to use thermal imaging for switchgear to its full potential!

If you would like additional information or a more detailed look at how Webmanager can help you change the rules of the game, just call Or email info@thermalimaging.co.uk