Water Leak Thermal Imaging Detection

ProblemsWater Leak Thermal Imaging DetectionWater Leak Thermal Imaging Detection 1

  • Central heating boiler losing pressure?
  • Damp walls and ceilings?
  • Unable to trace the leak?
  • Insurance companies being unhelpful?



water leak thermal imaging detection 5
  • Benefits

1. Non Invasive / non-destructive will cause no damage.

2. Visual Interpretation of area problems.

3. Same Day Reporting (With Your Company or clients logos on)

4. Covered by insurance companies.

5. Add thermography as a service to your business earn extra money!


water Leak thermal imaging detection 2014

Identify Seriousness Of Problem & Identify The Area Of Concern


water leak thermal imaging software


Property Management Solutions

  1. Overview page:-Summarises problems found on site in order of severity. This overview page can be sorted per site or per organisation which may have multiple sites.
  2. Inspection: – Shows the status of the inspection and provides access to all reports, the Engineers Report and full Administrators report along with individual pdf pages which populate Webmanager.
  3. Problems: – This shows all problems found on site and can be sorted by various different orders such as severity.
  4. Trending: – All images captured of panels inspected are held here providing a comprehensive archive of all equipment. These baselines are added to each periodic inspection and give the unique ability to trend between the inspections.

Water Leak Thermal Imaging Detection