Web Manager Introduction

Thermal Imaging is a predictive maintenance discipline which helps identify equipment malfunctions before they turn into big problems – unplanned downtime, costing you time, money, resource allocation problems, etc.  This is what Ti can do for you.

Problem definition:

In today’s unregulated thermal imaging market, any enthusiastic part-professional can offer a consultant thermographic service, with the ability to capture thermal images, with the necessary software, and produce a single report.  The problem is, for the multi-site organization, you’ll have multiple reports – how do you consolidate all this data into one view of your organization, allowing you to effectively manage the remediation process and the required resources?  And this problem only gets worse if you’re using multiple contractors.

Thermal Imaging Ltd Unique Webmanager Service

Solution: Webmanager is an online data management system which allows you a single view of your thermographic inspections from Ti.  It is a multi-user system with various levels of access for management and specific site personnel. It allows you to see all of your thermal and digital images, the associated interpretations (what the images are telling you) the anomalies, the root causes, and most importantly – the recommendations for problem resolution.

If you would like additional information or a more detailed look at how Webmanager can help you change the rules of the game, just call 0203 044 2940 email info@thermalimaging.co.uk