Offshore Thermographic Surveys

Thermal imaging is a non-invasive non-destructive method used to identify potential problems that the human eye cannot detect.Our thermal imaging services have been a proven method to increase asset safety and save offshore companies thousands of pounds a year in rig and installation downtime by the early detection and prevention of electrical and mechanical incidents.

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Offshore Thermographic Surveys

Our offshore thermographic surveys are best undertaken while equipment is operational at a minimum of 40% load. Some examples of previous offshore thermographic surveys include:

  • Non-invasively detecting loose bus-bar bolts and faulty SCR units as part of your rigs’ annual PM requirement
  • Identifying loose terminal block connections, failing fuses and load imbalances to reduce accidental shut down and fire risk through wire insulation ignition
  • Monitor bearing temperature at mud pump shafts during high-pressure pumping
  • Assess connections in mud pump and draw work terminal boxes
  • Determine equipment suffering from drive shaft misalignment problems
  • Identify passing valves in high-pressure process piping and poorly torqued bolts at pipe flanges
  • Define loose or incorrectly tensioned mud pump motor brushes

Sample Electrical Load Correction Video For Electrical Testing Within Oil & Gas Applications


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